College Management System

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Product Description

Our Vitana College Management System is a comprehensive ERP solution for colleges. It is a web based solution crafted with simplicity but at the same time, with an amazing smartness. CMS automates entire college administrative operations right from admission requests to complex fee management. All the modules are flexible enough to accommodate any special requests for customization. Key differentiator of CMS from other products would be the embedded smart communication which keeps the college stay connected to the parents. This communication is facilitated through multiple channels like simple SMS, Email and Mobile Forum notifications. Dashboards for admin which can be accessed from any device brings the college information to their finger tips.

Why CMS?

  • Comprehensive ERP solution which automates all your administrative operations
  • Compatibility with all the devices and operating systems
  • Live dashboards for the management with complete summaries
  • Integrated hardware solutions like biometric devices, bar code scanners, GPS devices and CCTV installations
  • Inbuilt support mechanisms which facilitate, 'One Click Support' and 'auto-tickets'
  • Easy to use with all support documentation online
  • Multi-lingual support
  • Embedded business intelligence and analytics

Advantages and Benefits

  • Availability

    Empower your management, administration, staff, parents and students to access the college information any where, any time and from any device.

  • Economical

    Run your operations at low cost with less staff and zero paper.

  • Efficiency

    Through better planning and quick but effective executions.

  • Connected

    Keep all your college entities engaged and connected round the clock.

  • Reputation

    Partner with technology and promote your brand through communication channels

  • Low Cost

    All these benefits at a very affordable price in your reach

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